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FMA (Fundamental Martial Arts) is a practical, modern and no nonsense form of self defense training. Our mission is personal skill development, total body wellness and empowerment. Our goal is to make sure you feel confident in providing a fierce response if you or a loved one is ever threatened or in harm’s way. 


Founder, Director and Master Instructor

Scott Shephard has been studying martial arts more than thirty years. His entire focus has been practical self-defense methods and concepts. Over the years, Shephard has been exposed to many quality systems and studied six martial art methods originating from four countries, gaining expertise in close quarter practical weaponry such as sticks, knives and handguns.

Scott has experience in executive protection and has written many self defense related articles. He has decades of teaching experience in Self Defense Personal Training, Workshops and Group Classes. Scott is a master instructor, who truly learned from the best. Scott began teaching in 1989 and has been an Instructor in three martial arts systems. In 2004, Scott Shephard was inducted into the Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Scott Shephard founded FMA (Fundamental Martial Arts) in 2006. FMA is focused exclusively on street application “meaningful and parking lot practical“ martial arts. FMA has been on Sandy Moss’s AZTV, Leza’s Magic radio show, Prescott Women’s Magazine and in Prescott Living magazine. Scott teaches annually at Embry Riddle Areonautical University and is involved with many other organizations. 

“All martial arts have value, the difference is what is being emphasized.” Scott Shephard 

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